Posted by: dmconroy | January 13, 2009

Interesting GIS app.

Cool App. 1- Debris Flows- “The construction of roads during developmental activities frequently cut- across the debris flow tracks. The result is that debris is frquently dumped on the roads in every surge, particularly during the monsoons. When debris has accumulated in sufficient amount blocking the road, it is pushed down on the lower slopes to clear the passage. Besides causing traffic hindrance, this also destroys the natural vegetation- ecosystem on the lower slopes.”

Cool App. 2 Vulneraility Reduction-“The project concentrates on medium-sized cities in developing countries, which do not yet utilize Geographic Information Systems in their urban planning, and which are threatened by natural hazards. The methodology concentrates on the application of methods for hazard assessment, elements at risk mapping, vulnerability assessment, risk assessment, and the development of GIS-based risk scenarios for varying hazard scenarios and vulnerability reduction options, using structural and/or non-structural measures.”

Cool App. 3- Land Use/Cover Change- “Land use and land cover of the earth are changing dramatically because of the human activities and natural disasters. To simulate the changes of land use/cover is significant for making a sustainable land use plan.”



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