Posted by: dmconroy | January 26, 2009

Schuurman: Chapter 1 notes

GIS has expanded beyond simply geographic application and is now being applied in nearly all aspects of our daily lives. Not only has the range of use expanded but the technology and software is continually expanding and improving. The first section outlines that the use, definition and application of GIS is variable based on the perspective of the user and field of application.

Schuurman then outlines the origins and the early uses of the system and the application of early “spatial analysis” systems. It started as a physical representation and model of the digital form we now know today. The early users and developers recognized the potential impact it could have in the fields of geography and geology. She continues to discuss the complexity of uncovering the roots and origins of GIS. Even at the earliest stages, various systems were used for a broad range of applications and aiming toward different goals.

She continues to outline in the remaining sections how GIS can be used in nearly all aspects of our daily lives. GIS is an ever expanding system that has been able to redefine many of the ways we look at and analyze data in both urban and rural settings across the globe.



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