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Delaware Data

Address Pts.– This is a visual representation of all the address points located in delaware county. They used existing maps including street maps to further enhance the quality of the adress points and as a good starting point.

Annexations-  A data set containing all of Delaware County’s annexations since 1853 to present. This helps locate annexations and conforming boundary lines.

Archeological- This map shows important historical/archeological sites within Delaware County. It is just a point and does not actually mean anything. This map would make more sense if the points actually meant something.

Bench Marks- These gps points were used to create an orthophoto of delaware county which are effective for measuring true distances because they show and accurate topography.

Building Outline-  This outlines all buildings in Delaware County and can help enhance the property appraisal process.

Census Block- A polygon shapefile that outlines the blocks in Delaware as determined by the Census Bureau.

Census Block Group-  This data seat is a grouping of the block census from the previous set.

Census Tracts- This is the largest grouping of the census information.(a larger grouping of the previous 2 sets.)

Farmlots- This set is used to idenify all of the farmlots in Delaware County according to the US Military and the Virginia Military Survey Districts.

Floodplain 100 Year-  This shows the 100 year floodplain of streams flowing through Delaware County.

Floodplain 500 Year-  This shows the 500 year floodplain of streams flowing through Delaware County. This set is smaller than the 100 year but includes the same streams.

Floodways- A polygon image of the areas that compose the flood pathways across the County.

Historical Local – There is no real data associated with these sites but they show some sort of important historical point in Delaware County.

Historical National-  These are just points on a map. They represent some significant National historical point of interest.

Hydrology-  This map shows the major water ways in Delaware County.

Hydrology Detailed-  This is a more detailed version of the waterways in Delaware County.

Landmarks- This shows specific landmarks and  points of interest in Delaware County including golf courses, schools, churchs, parks and firestations. (including others)

Municipalities – This was created to aid in identifying the municipal boundaries in Delaware County.

Natural Heritage ODNR-  These are points of natural interest in Delaware County as determined by ODNR. (rare or endangered plants or animals, and important natural habitats)

Orthophoto 2008- There are various orthophoto layers. They show an accurate, to scale aerial image of Delaware County.

Parcels- This map shows all 362 mapsheet layers which provide a detailed image of the land parcels in Delaware County.

Precincts- Outlines all of the voting precints in the County with information from the Delware County Board of Elections. This set includes polling locations and City Wards.

Public Land Survey System-  A polygon system depicting the boundaries of the two public land survey systems. (The US Military and the Virgina Military Survey District)

Railroad- Shows each rail line running through the County.

Road Center Line-  All roads in Delaware County.

Road Right of Way- Shows the road right of way for each road.

School Districts- Outlines the area that each school district covers.

Soils- Outlines the soil types for the County

Subdivisions- This shows the boundaries of the subdivisions of Delaware County.

Tax Districts – This layer contains all the individual tax districts withing the county.

Topography – This file contains all of the topography data for the enitire county; the topo shape files are separated into individual township files.

Townships – This data layer shows the township boundaries for the county.

Townships Historical – This data layer displays the original 18 townships in the county.

Watersheds – This map layer displays the watershed areas in the county.

Wetlands – A map layer showing the wetland areas within the county.

Woodland – A map layer displaying the woodland areas in the county.

Zip Codes – A map layer that displays the zip code boundaries in the county.

Zoning – This layer ontains current and historical zoning boundaries for the city of Delaware.






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