Posted by: dmconroy | May 5, 2009

Schuurman 2,3

2; GIS vs Human Geography

This chapter discusses the various ways in which these two disciplines and how they have interconnected over the years

Epistemology- methods that we use to study the world, and the lenses that they entail.

The perspectives that are developed and used to examine data and material

Ontology- What something really is, its foundational essence

There has been the recognition that the application of GIS can be used throughout society. Mitchell discusses various ways in which they can and have been applied.

3; The Devil is in the Data: Collection, Representation, and Standardization

The beginning of this chapter discusses the importance of the data that is collected for GIS analysis. The information can be applied in social and political situations and explains the social significance of digitally inscribed data.

The section about the politics of the data was most interesting to me. This section was personally relevant and I was able to discuss this subject with one of my PG professors and discuss the types of things I was learning in this class. I learned the importance of GIS and how it is able to be applied in various situations.



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